Replacing the Susan B. Anthony coin was a dollar coin with Sacagawea, the Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark's expedition succeed.

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What do you typically donate?
Food Items
Time (Volunteer)
All of the above!


Small Gestures Make Huge Differences 

Just because you’re young it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. Here are some simple ideas you could do yourself or with a group of friends:

  • Lemonade stand – Everyone loves lemonade! Grab your best friend and create a lemonade stand together. The money you make can be donated to a local charity.
  • Make something – Are you good at making friendship bracelets? If you have a talent for making something you can sell what you make and donate the money you make to charity.
  • Donate your time – Most charities have more work to be done than workers. Donating your time to a local charity can make more of a difference than the money you can donate. Ask your parents to help choose a charity.
  • Donate your allowance – Every dollar makes a difference to a charity. Donating your allowance to those who less fortune than you are will bring you a wonderful feeling that no toy can give you.
  • Donate unused toys – Do you have toys you no longer find fun or haven’t played with in a very long time? Donating your toys to kids less fortunate than you in a small gesture that can mean a lot to another kid.
  • Help neighbors – Do you have neighbors that could use some help around the house? Ask your parents if they know of neighbor that could use help with things like yard work or shoveling snow.


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