Some U.S. coin amounts used in the past were the half-cent, two-cent, three-cent, and 20-cent pieces, and a half-dime (a small silver coin).

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What do you like best about going back to school?
New school supplies
New clothes
Seeing my friends
Meeting new friends
Homework! Just kidding.


Be Ready for Back to School

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting elementary school or starting 5th grade, no one loves going back to school. Summer vacation is too much fun, right? To make September’s back-to-school time easier, we’ve got these tips: 

  • School Supplies
    Have mom or dad get your school supply list ahead of time and ask to help shop for what’s on it. For some reason school is more fun if you have the backpack or notebooks you like. Plus, if you shop for everything ahead of time, you could help your parents save money – which makes everyone happier!
  • School Lunch
    Print out your school’s lunch menu and sit down with mom or dad to look it over. Figure out ahead of time what school lunches you like and what days you want to pack a lunch. Decide how much money you can spend each week on both and come up with a plan that both you and your parents agree upon.
  • School Clothes
    There are usually two school outfits you want to have picked out before school starts – what you’re wearing on the first day of school and for picture day. Take a look in your closet first to see what you have and what still fits you. If you have older brothers and/or sisters, you might want to look in their closets too for clothes that no longer fit them, but fit you. Work out with mom and dad what you need and the best and cheapest stores to get everything.
  • School Calendar
    Most school websites have yearly calendars on them of school vacations and days off. Get your own calendar and put those dates in it and include any important dates of your own like other days off you’ll need, tests, school concerts, etc. Keep it somewhere handy so you can look at it and update it all through the year. That way there’ll be no surprises for either you or your parents!

The secret to starting school off right, and what all these tips have in common, is planning. When you have things figured out ahead of time, there are less things to worry about when that first day of school rolls around.



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